Recently, I was barraged by some people on Twitter because of my staunch belief that Israel has a right to defend itself. Basically it was a series of tweets berating me for saying as much in a kind of Fox News-yell-at-someone-as-loud-as-possible-until-they-back-down-style. While I’m always reluctant to block people on Twitter for a variety of reasons, it got to a point where I could expect to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with 10-15 fresh @-mentions and their accompanying emails calling me all manner of names, including comparing my position to being “a zealot on par with suicide bombers”… well, I get that being part of public life entails a certain amount of abuse, but being called on par with a suicide bomber is about where I draw the line.

Why am I sharing this? Because it’s part of the BDS-supporting, Anti-Israel and most certainly Antisemitic movement of people who clearly believe they can shame people into agreeing with them, or even worse – shame Jews for being Jewish.

It’s simple, basic racism and hatred that fuels people like the person I blocked (no need to further embarrass him by mentioning him by his Twitter alias (of course he doesn’t go by his real name)) and I won’t stand for it.

Disagree all you’d like – I believe in debate and conversation. There is no place for blind hatred.

As for how I feel about Israel and the current war in Gaza, my feelings are summed up fairly well in a previous post here.


Here’s an interesting piece from The Telegraph I found on the political left and its Antisemitic tendencies. To be clear, I don’t believe that all left-leaning people are Antisemitic – this is a thoughtful piece on how left-leaning movements are moving more towards Antisemitism every day. My hope is that while I may disagree with a lot of their positions, that clear-headed people on the left can disassociate themselves from vile Antisemitic movements like BDS and the nonsense flotillas to Gaza.

From The Telegraph: Is the Left anti-Semitic? Sadly, it is heading that way

This is a recurring theme in anti-Israel sentiment today: the idea that a powerful, sinister lobby of Israel lovers has warped our otherwise respectable leaders here in the West, basically winning control of Western foreign policy.