The news has been abuzz today with now-former Bloc Québécois MP Jean-François Fortin’s abandonment of the BQ and its radical separatist leader Mario Beaulieu.

From The National Post: Kelly McParland: Bloc’s disintegration offers a good news story for Quebec and Canada

…The problems afflicting the party were evident in the reason given by Mr. Fortin for his departure. The Bloc under Mr. Beaulieu, he indicated, was too devoted to separatism to be effective in helping Quebecers better their lives.

Because therein lies the core problem: The separatist movement is no longer about “helping Quebecers better their lives.” While I’m a life-long federalist and proud Canadian who has never wished for Quebec sovereignty, I can recognize that many in the separatist movement of yore truly believed it would be for the betterment of the people of Quebec. This is no longer the case.

The separatist movement today is pockmarked with the likes of Beaulieu, Jean-François Lisée, Bernard Drainville and Mr. Fist-In-The-Air himself, Pierre-Karl Péladeau – people who are driven by hatred for Canada and English, not love of Quebec or a desire to protect and promote French.

The new focus for most people is an inclusive Quebec nationalism, led by the Coalition Avenir Québec that values Quebec’s place in the Canadian federation and wishes for our province to be a leader and an engine of the economy, reversing the path the PQ and Quebec Liberals have set us on.

There is no place for hardline hatred from people like Mario Beaulieu anymore.