I abhor the way Montreal’s municipal workers have been behaving themselves during their anti-Bill 3 campaign. Wear camo pants, red caps and pyjamas all you’d like – it’s no skin off my back if you think making yourself look foolish will advance your cause. But the desecration of police cars, private property and now Montreal City Hall is beyond the pale.

Unfortunately, successive PQ and Quebec Liberal governments have caved in to or encouraged abusive union tactics for a generation so the people running these syndicates not only think it’s OK to vandalize property and assault city councillors (at least one was punched in the face last night and many had water dumped on them), they revel in the destruction, mayhem and terror.

The most recent, concrete example was the student boycotts of Spring 2011: During those awful protests, the opposition Parti Québécois loudly encouraged students to be violent and disruptive simply for its own political gain. Once elected in 2012, they ceded to the students’ demands, emboldening unions and other lobby groups (that the PQ then stabbed the students in the back anyway is a story unto itself). This was evidenced by the actions of unionized workers yesterday.

Everyone involved in the vandalism of City Hall last night should be suspended without pay or fired and those who led this riot should be prosecuted.

We’re supposed to have the rule of law, not mob rule.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre summed it up well:

From CBC.ca: Hundreds protest against Bill 3 outside Montreal City Hall

“You can blame me, you can be mad at me, you can call me names, you can be against the file — that’s ok. That’s democracy. Talk to me. You can lay out all your arguments. Never touch my city hall and never touch the people.”

What a disaster.  Pic from CDN/NDG mayor Russell Copeman's Twitter: https://twitter.com/racopeman/status/501504611115880448/photo/1
What a disaster.
Pic from CDN/NDG mayor Russell Copeman’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/racopeman/status/501504611115880448/photo/1