I’ve been struggling with what to say about the cold-blooded murders of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo this week, but I can’t come up with the right words. Instead, I’ll share my friend Joey Abrams’ Facebook post on the subject. This post is about Cpl. Cirillo and Ottawa, but the sentiment is about both soldiers and our great country. I am so proud to be Canadian.

Took a walk this morning through downtown Ottawa. Stood in front of Parliament and took in the rising sun shining against the buildings beautiful grey walls. Immediately noticed the flag that sits on top of the spire at half mast. Watched people hustle and bustle as they normally would but with a higher security in place. Continued down Wellington to the War Memorial where flowers, wreaths, poppies and flags covered the ground where our Canadian hero passed just yesterday. Stood there for about 15 minutes in silence. When I got there, there was about 7 people standing at a distance paying respects to Cpl. Cirillo. After about 5 minutes I looked around and 7 had become 20, 5 minutes later 20 became dozens, not one person moved or spoke the entire time. Several people would walk up to the exact place of the memorial and add to the growing number of tributes. Everyone stepped back to the imaginary line we all stood to take in what I truly believe it means to be Canadian. Respect, strength, unity, passion, emotion… freedom. Several had tears in their eyes, others with their heads bowed. Cpl. Cirillo may you never be forgotten, you have brought us all closer as a nation and I thank you for service. I certainly will never forget. Rest In Peace.