C-51 is a great example of why I remain a federal Liberal and haven’t gone Conservative. While it seems to be a good law in principle and I’m personally ready to accept more powers for law enforcement, I’m not remotely comfortable with hammering such a law through the House without major reflection, debate and study.

From “Harper Calls Anti-Terror Bill Criticisms From NDP Ridiculous” (CP via Huffington Post):

Harper dismissed Mulcair’s remarks saying that the legislation is strongly supported by the Canadian public, and called Mulcair’s criticisms of the bill ridiculous.

“I would urge the committee to study this bill as quickly as possible, in order to ensure the adoption of these measures to ensure the security and safety of Canadians,” Harper said.

The Conservatives are take a Bush style “if you don’t support C-51, you’re against us and for terrorism” approach. Why can’t there be a C-51 passed with heavy oversight attached to it? How could it hurt Canadians to ensure the law is enforced, but that the enforcers have to answer to an oversight body?

Canadians need and deserve protection and C-51 is a good way to help with that, but someone needs to be policing the policing and saying that insisting on oversight is foolish like Stephen Harper has done is not what’s best for Canadians.