While Stephen Harper and his Hérouxville compatriots prattle on about niqabs from the right and people of principled small-L liberal values fight back from the centre and left, it’s important we don’t lose sight of the fact that an actual election is taking place in less than two weeks.

My views are not a secret: I believe in the Liberal Party of Canada as the most balanced, sensible option to govern our country. But that’s not what this post is about.

Rather, it’s a warning shot across the bow of those from all sides that no matter who wins on Oct. 19, Canada will be fine.

It’s definitely going to be close. I’d be stunned if any party wins a majority, but not at all surprised if any of the three relevant parties wins a minority. And I believe a minority is exactly what Canada needs right now.

The worst problem other than poor turnout we’re going to face will be people from the two parties not in government swearing up and down that “the Canada we know and love is gone” or some other nonsense of that nature. This is the kind of garbage the “Anybody-But-Harper” crowd spouts. How could a responsible person want “anybody-but”…? That’s not a way to make an informed decision. An informed decision is made by someone who looks at all of the options, shows up on Election Day and makes a conscious choice to support the party that most closely represents his/her views or scraps his/her ballot.

No matter who wins, we have generations of balanced thinking and principled policies in place that can’t simply be overturned because of one mandate – minority or not. Case-in-point: Harper’s vision of Canada is only now starting to take root and have effect and he’s been in power for 10 years. If the NDP wins, we won’t suddenly be catapulted into Stalinist Russia. If the Conservatives or Liberals win, despite what hard-liners on either side are yelling, we won’t wake up on Oct. 20 to anything other than a stable democracy.

No matter who wins, 2/3 of Canadians will have voted for a party other than the one that will govern. Those 2/3 should dedicate their time and energy to supporting the government when it makes sense and fighting it when it doesn’t.

But no matter who wins, if your reaction is to claim the end of the world as we know it, I suggest you get over yourself.