Here’s a great piece on why Canadian Jews shouldn’t flock to the Harper Conservatives just because of their position on Israel (since nobody can seem to give any other reason).

Mitch on Israel:

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that whatever party forms the next government, they will continue to support Israel on all fronts. This goes without saying since Israel is an important trading partner, strategic partner, ally and friend to Canada.

On the economy:

If the current surplus is in fact legitimate and unexpected, doesn’t it mean that the country’s finances were mismanaged? It means one of 2 things – either the government underestimated revenues (they overcharged us on our personal taxes) or they overestimated expenses (told us they were going to spend more than they actually did). If they had anticipated a surplus for this year, I wouldn’t be criticizing….but that is not the case. They expected a deficit and got a surplus. If this was done intentionally, it means they are playing politics with our money. If it was done unintentionally, it means they’re bad money managers. You pick!

Read the whole piece here: Why Jews Should Not Vote for Stephen Harper