It’s been less than three full days since Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party won a majority government and Canada already feels like a more just society.

In particular, the new government’s planned actions on Bill C-51, will do a lot to make a good-but-lacking law fair.

I’ve always supported and understood the need for such a law, but I could never wrap my head around the Conservatives’ refusal to implement proper oversight. Someone has to police the police and that’s what we elect parliamentarians for.

From The Gazette: Liberals plan swift overhaul of anti-terror law

A key feature of the replacement legislation is expected to be the creation of a multi-party, joint House of Commons-Senate committee, sworn to secrecy and reporting to the prime minister and through him to Parliament. It would have a full-time staff, access to the necessary secret information and be tasked with strategic oversight of every government department and agency with national security responsibilities, according to a source familiar with the content.

We must have strong anti-terror laws, but we must also have strong oversight. Now we have both and that not only makes Canada stronger, it makes sense.