We prepared ourselves because we have a good accountant, but for those who weren’t paying attention when the Quebec Liberals massively increased daycare fees last year, expect an unbelievable tax bill this spring.

From The Journal De Montréal: Modulation des tarifs de garderie: la CAQ invite les parents à s’insurger

«C’est toute une facture qui attend les parents, parce qu’en plus d’avoir déboursé 7,30 $ par jour durant toute l’année, beaucoup seront forcées à payer, sans même avoir vu le coup venir, jusqu’à 20 $ supplémentaires par jour. C’est scandaleux! Nous invitons tous les citoyens à calculer “leur” ligne 434 et à signer notre pétition», a déclaré le député caquiste François Bonnardel, dans un communiqué, lundi.

Do you have a family income of $50,000? You’re good. No increase. $50,001 and 2 kids? You’re getting a bill for $254.80.

Is your family income $80,000? Enjoy your bill for $527.80. Are you making $100,000 between you and your spouse? You’re getting a bill for $1,619.80. And on and on.

Oh, and by the way, the Quebec Liberals did not have anything about increasing daycare fees in their platform.

From The Gazette:  What the Couillard government’s increase in daycare fees means to Quebec taxpayers

During the campaign for the general election last April, the Liberals promised to cancel the “price shock” of the former Parti Québécois government’s $2-a-day increase in the fee for subsidized daycare, and instead to index the fee to the cost of living.

Last (year), however, it announced that starting next year, more than 70 per cent of families with children in subsidized daycare, those with total gross incomes of at least $75,000, will pay more than a cost-of-living increase. More than 40 per cent will pay more than they would have under the PQ.