Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is doing Canadians proud by travelling the country for free doing speaking engagements and appearances to promote the cause of empowering young women.

This “debate” – and I use the term loosely, because it’s more like a witch hunt than a debate – about whether she has too many nannies is misogyny at its finest.

She’s the first PM’s wife to use her publicly position as an office to promote an important cause since Mila Mulroney, and while I don’t begrudge any of the PM’s wives who chose to stay out of the limelight for their choice, we should be celebrating Mrs. Grégoire Trudeau for using her position for good, not arguing she should stay home with the kids or pay for her own nanny.

She doesn’t draw a salary for working towards the public good… she can have 10 nannies as far as I’m concerned. We’re better than this, Canada. We have to be better than this.

From The Toronto Star editorial: Sophie Grégoire Trudeau should have help she needs to fill her role

This should not be a debate about Grégoire Trudeau’s privileged position. Comparing her problems to those of day-to-day working women amounts to a kind of faux populism that ducks the real questions.


Instead, the focus should be on what we expect of the spouse of our prime minister, and the opportunities her role affords to represent Canada and promote important causes.


Seen like that, the answer is clear: she should have the help she needs to carry out the work that Canadians want her to do. If that means an extra staff member to organize her appearances and correspondence, then she should have it.

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