From the Gazette: Renaming park in Outremont is ‘historical amnesia’: Vimy Foundation

Stripping Vimy park in Outremont of its original name smacks of ‘historical amnesia’, says the head of the Vimy Foundation.

The foundation, whose mandate is to preserve and promote the history related to Canada’s involvement in the First World War, publicly denounced the Outremont borough’s proposal to rename the park in honour of former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau, who died last year.

“The Vimy Foundation strongly urges the City of Montreal, and the district of Outremont, to reverse their decision to remove the name ‘Vimy’ from Vimy Park in Outremont.  60,000 Canadians from coast to coast to coast fought and died in the First World War, ” Christopher Sweeney, the foundation’s chair, said in a statement.

Not only should the name Vimy not be removed for many, frankly obvious reasons, to replace a name meant to honour those who died fighting tyranny with the name of the man who blamed “money and ethnic votes” for failing to destroy Canada is totally wrong-headed.