Today, a group of Montreal-based suburban mayors are launching a campaign to convince Quebec that Montrealers should be allowed to turn right on red lights like everyone else in Canada.

From CBC Montreal: Montreal mayors say right turns on red lights could improve traffic flow

He said allowing the manoeuvre with some restrictions, such as not allowing the turn at busy downtown intersections, would be a safe way to improve traffic flow in Montreal.Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is not part of the group but did say he supported making right turns on red lights legal on the island during the last election campaign.

It’s about time.

I know all the arguments about how Montrealers supposedly drive. Nonsense. This is just the old “petit peuple” attitude we tend to have about ourselves. Montrealers are no less capable of driving than anyone else, and being able to turn on reds has all kinds of congestion-relief and environmental positives (cars, buses and trucks not idling as long at lights being the most obvious).

I’m not worried about safety issues: Nobody’s calling for a blanket green light to turn right on reds. Everywhere that allows this has limitations at dangerous intersections. But to sit at the corner of, for example, Mackle and Cavendish at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday waiting for the light to change is just idiotic.

Denis Coderre just got more powers for Montreal from the Quebec government – the movement to stop treating Montrealers like we’re idiots is well underway. This is a logical step in the right direction.

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