*** Update (7 pm, 04/17/17): Searle accused me of working for Mayor Denis Coderre & said I’ll be running against him in this year’s election on CJAD today. Neither statement is even remotely true. ***

Original text below:

Driving down Fielding on Sunday, we noticed our city councillor Jeremy Searle out in the street doing his paint-potholes-white publicity stunt with a CTV Montreal crew in tow. Now, I certainly don’t blame CTV for covering this sideshow, but it’s important people see it for what it is: A ploy to gain coverage in the months leading up to an election, and nothing else.

See video of our encounter here

If I thought Jeremy Searle was in it for the people of the Loyola district, I’d be out there painting potholes alongside him. But nothing in his mandate so far has shown anything but total self interest above all else. I realize Searle has a (publicly admitted) alcohol problem, but the disease of alcoholism is not an excuse for showing up to council meetings intoxicated and getting thrown out of those very meetings repeatedly.  It’s also not a valid reason to use Anti-Semitic terms like “Jewish guilt” in council and in the media. Alcoholism is a disease, not an excuse (or a joke, for those who mock him for it).

Since 2013, Jeremy Searle has done little but embarrass the Loyola community while he rails against the administration of CDN-NDG from the sidelines and contributes nothing to its betterment.

In the coming months, I will be putting my money where my mouth is and coming out in support of an opposing candidate to rid our council seat of Searle. We need positive change in Loyola, and fast.