With the passing of Bill 62 today, the Quebec Liberal Party has taken our province to a dark, sad place. The idea that someone should be forced to take off their religious garments  – let alone their sunglasses and/or scarf in the winter – to get on a bus is a twisted, sick, thing to contemplate.

I’m not disappointed by the Quebec Liberals because I’m not surprised – they said in the 2014 campaign they would do this and it took three years, but they’ve done it, but only in the most Quebec Liberal of Quebec Liberal ways… the way this law is written not only blatantly singles out and targets Muslim women, but it also envelops people wearing sunglasses, a scarf in the winter, or any other reason you might have something covering your face.

The idea was to target Muslim women for electoral gain without looking like they were targeting Muslim women for electoral gain, so instead they targeted everyone and left common sense behind.

This is a bad law that will certainly be overturned by a Charter challenge.

What makes it worse is the opposition CAQ (of which I am a member, but disagree absolutely with the party’s position on religious issues) and PQ voted against Bill 62 because it’s not severe enough. That is just sick, twisted logic.

Shame on Quebec’s MNAs. Shame on each and every one of you.

From CBC.ca: Quebec passes controversial law obliging citizens to uncover their faces

Quebec has adopted a law that would effectively force Muslim women who wear a niqab or burka to uncover their faces to use public services.

The Liberal government’s Bill 62 on religious neutrality was put to a vote Wednesday morning in Quebec’s National Assembly.

The Liberals, who hold a majority in provincial parliament, voted in favour of the bill, while all the other parties voted against.

The two main opposition parties, the Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir Québec, have argued the legislation doesn’t go far enough.