I’m human. I make the mistake sometimes too. Sometimes I’m lazy and take a plastic bag. This is not a good thing.

Ask for paper. Bring your own bag. Don’t take a bag for one or two small items you can hold for a few minutes. All small and easy gestures.

We split our groceries about 50/50 between IGA and Provigo. Until Provigo implements the same policy, we’ll definitely show preference to IGA.

This is an easy habit to change that will make a massive difference to our planet’s health.

From The Gazette: Allison Hanes: IGA takes big step beyond Montreal’s plastic-bag ban

Canadian grocery giant Sobeys took a giant leap forward Wednesday, announcing it will stop doling out single-use plastic shopping bags at the checkouts of its supermarkets nationwide in January, 2020.

But the chain’s Montreal stores — which fly the IGA and Rachelle Béry banners — will get a jump-start on the effort. As of Sept. 3., customers on the Island of Montreal will have to bring their own reusable shopping bags, or opt for paper instead.

The Société des alcools du Québec got rid of both plastic and paper bags a decade ago and the public quickly got over it. So IGA is giving its customers a much-needed nudge forward.