West of St. Lawrence St.

No Angryphones allowed

About Noah Sidel

Being a lifelong NDGer has taught me a lot about the potential that Montreal and Quebec have to be truly great. I grew up in a community full of every race, religion and language you can imagine and we didn’t just coexist or tolerate each other, we engaged each other, debated, shared and enjoyed each other.

Instead of embracing Quebec’s potential to use the NDG model to make this place strong, we’ve spent a generation debating one question: Oui ou non.

That has led to our economy stalling, our roads and bridges crumbling, and a general sad pall falling over our society.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe in the idea of moving past la question nationale with people from both sides of the debate working together to make Quebec a better place. It’s time for Quebec to end the tumult of the last 40 years and focus on making our province a better place now.

It’s time to bring a little NDG to Quebec City.

Holder of a BA in journalism from Concordia University, Noah Sidel was born and raised in the Montreal community of NDG. He has worked in communications for over a decade including being part of the 2009 Grey Cup Champion Montreal Alouettes and is currently the vice president of a facilities maintenance company in Montreal. He and his wife Johanna Miller-Sidel own a house in NDG and live there with their daughters and son. They are both fiercely proud to be Canadian.


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